Where the rainforest meets the ocean, Cairns.

Places in the video visited:

Crystal Cascades: Located here 

You can either follow the trail up passing the cascades where there are many different spots you can walk down and relax and swim or if you keep following the trail up you will get to some pretty walks and to the cliffs known as “No fear” or “Devils drop” I don’t recommend jumping from them as a lot of people injure themselves doing so, all though it is entirely up to each person and how “Crazy” you are ;). I believe if you keep walking up past this point there is a hike as well, I myself haven’t done it, but I’ve been told. Aside from these beautiful cascades there is also a hidden trail off to the left of the carpark area which leads to a really beautiful waterfall, the whole trail up is magical, looks like some place the fairies would live. 🙂 Photos below.

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Lake Placid: Located here

Lake placid is/was a popular swimming hole in Cairns, all though it looks as though it has definitely died down since I was last there, its still has some beautiful views. After a few Crocodile attacks and sightings I think it has definitely lost its popularity. I would recommend swimming in these waters today, but a lovely spot to go have a picnic or check out the scenery or camp, there are a few camp/tourists parks close by. Pics below.

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Barron Gorge Power station/Secret falls: Located here

Just another 5minutes up from Lake placid there is a beautiful scenic drive through the mountains by the lake to a power station which has a huge bridge crossing over to the other side of the mountain, where you can also see another hidden waterfall called Secret falls” you may as well check it out if you’ve seen Lake placid, more beautiful scenery. Photos below.

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Stoney Creek: Located here

Another beautiful swim hole, with lots of stones/rocks surrounded by the rainforest, also has a waterfall if you keep following up. Just a warning for snakes around, these green tree snakes are harmless but they’re around and hard to spot sometimes. None the less another spot you should definitely check out if ever in Cairns. Pics below.

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Ellis Beach: Located here

Ellis beach is a beautiful beach just outside of Cairns, popular camping destination for many, absolutely beautiful drive to get there, you have the rainforest on one side and the ocean on the other with plenty of palm trees. Your bound to find a quiet spot somewhere along the beach as well if you keep going further up from the main beach section 🙂 Pictures below.

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Shani x


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