11 day Greek Island hop with Med-Experience.

My Med-Experience

Day 1-

Meet at the hotel in Athens and once you arrive the receptionist will already have your name and which room you’ll be in sorted for you, than head up to the rooftop for an introduction about the tour and meeting everyone else who will be joining you on the Island hop, as well as getting your bands and ferry passes for each ride between the Islands. Than everyone goes out for an “earlyish” dinner, some head out after for a few drinks after, all though everyone has to get up at 5/6am (Cant remember) the next day to get a bus for the ferry, so completely each to their own.

Day 2-

Wake up early! Med-Experience had packed everyone cute little breakfast boxes for the bus ride to the ferry which was around 45/60mins from memory. Once arrived everyone stores there bags on the ferry and go sits wherever on the giant ferry, this was the longest of them all taking 6 hours to get to Santoroni, which was the first Island. The ferry has wifi you can purchase as well as shops and plenty of different food and cafe’s. Once we finally arrived a mini bus came to pick us all up and take us to our first cute little hotel, which we than had time to just chill by the pool and relax before heading out to dinner for the sunset at the most majestic spot *Heart eyes* after dinner we all headed out for some more drinks and funbar hopping and exploring the nightlife of Santorini.

Day 3-

Wake up and have some breakfast than get ready to go for a hike up to another beautiful spot over looking the cliffs with spectacular views than walking to the other side to Oia, which is a picture perfect spot for all the white houses on the cliff side. When arriving there we got to go explore the little boutique’s and book stores etc, until it was lunch time at a cute little Greek place where everybody got gyros. After lunch we had a bus come pick us up and take us to a beautiful black sand beach at another part of the Island, where we all got to relax, swim, tan, listen to music or read etc. After a few hours the bus took us back to the hotel to get ready to go check out a Greek winery for another beautiful sunset spot over looking the cliffs and other islands, with some taste testing and a bit of background on the winery. Than of course heading back to the hotel to continue some drinks for another night out.

Day 4-

Wake up and have breakfast and get ready to get the next ferry to IOS (Otherwise known as the party island) this was also a much quicker ferry ride. On arrival everyone got sorted into there rooms and had a few hours to kill and go swimming or explore before dinner, which we all walked over to this cute Mexican restaurant on the water (Another beautiful sunset spot) where everyone had plenty of cocktails and shots preparing us for the big bar hop night ahead. I’ll also add in IOS majority if not all the places/bars have challenges if you buy or finish a certain amount of drinks or shots you get cut out singlets with their branding on it which are really cool, if you’ve ever seen people in them.

Continuing on, this was a really big night with I think around 10 bars possibly more and finishing up at a club, I myself didnt make it to all of them haha “weak”. So we started at this cool little bar which had giant jenga, beer pong as well as other drinking games, plus a free round of shots. Than heading to the next bar which everyone got a quick shot of absinthe getting us ready for the third bar “The slammer bar” also known as the bar where you wear a helmet and they slam something into you for cheaper drinks (If I remember correctly) for example; Chairs, boxes, fire extinguisher 😛 Which brings us to bar four (The crazy shot bar), one of the coolest bars with the best menu of shots I’ve ever seen, from shots set on fire, to shots taken in a fake penis shape with whipped cream and a blindfold, too chewing a flower bud for a minute before taking a shot and getting a funny feeling on your tongue. Which than brings us to bar 5 (the face painting/circus type one) where people are dressed up in costumes, and there are face painters as well as fire acts and other cool things. Bringing us to the last bar/club for me personally which was a really cool dance bar, It was time for pizza and sleep for me and a few others after all of this haha, the others continued on with the next places.

Day 5-

Wake up and have your breakfast of course, than get ready to head down to the beach and go water tubing and relaxing before heading out on a boat day trip which included taking us to some caves we could swim in, than to a spot where we could snorkel down and see an old ship wreck and lastly heading over to another nice secluded part of the island where we had lunch on the beach. After that it was time to get ready for another night of partying and bar hoping, starting with drinking games at the hotel. Basically a repeat of the night before but different bars/clubs.

Day 6 –

Wake up eat breakfast you know the drill. Than get ready to leave and get the ferry to the next Island being Paros (known as the more relaxing island) where you can rest from all the partying on the previous Island, we got to relax by the pool and settle in, before having to get ready  to meet up and go check out one of the beautiful cathedrals on the way to dinner at this cute place by the beach of course, which was fun as we got taught some traditional Greek dances at the restaurant, which everyone contributed in. After dinner we all just strolled back through the markets and everyone got to do there own thing, whether it be shopping, go for dessert, a drink or just head back to the hotel and chill.

Day 7-

Starting of the same as every other day, than getting ready for another all day boat tour, checking out  the pretty cliffs and stopping to snorkel in the pretty waters and jump off the boat, and going to another part of the Island where we had a traditional homemade Greek barbecue which was on point! So we relaxed here for a while before heading back on and stopping at a few other cool places around the Island and waters where we could jump off the boat and swim etc. before heading back to the hotel which we than had free time to do whatever we felt like.

Day 8 –

You know the drill, up and at em and ready to start the day by getting ready to catch the ferry to the last Island of the trip being Mykonos (personally my favourite). So once we arrive we got to the new place we were staying which was Paradise beach, if you haven’t heard of it you need to google it, such an Insane place right on the beach, with clubs and generally big music appearances playing most nights. So the first afternoon we had a choice if we wanted to meet up and head into town to check it out and have dinner, so half of us caught a bus in and had dinner and drinks prepping us for another crazy night, which was awesome cause all of our rooms were a 5min walk to the beach, bars and clubs! Everyone met up and had pre drinks up by our rooms outside before heading down to the beach bars which had glow in the dark painting, cocktail deals and good party music, you can guess the rest of the night 😛

Day 9 –

Wake up before 10am (if you could) for free breakfast and than we had time to just chill and do what we want most of the day, whether we spend it at the beach or getting extra sleep. It was a Sunday this day which meant Guapaloca was on at Paradise beach, which was my favourite place of the trip hands down! If you’re a fan of Latin/Spanish music and dancing right opposite the beach with two for one cocktail deals and with the most amazing atmosphere than you will love it! We basically stayed here all afternoon before having a quick dinner at the hotel restaurant before getting ready to come back and party, or if you’re like me you forget dinner and continue to drink cause you’re having too much fun haha! I think there was a big DJ playing this night so about half of the people bought tickets to go see that in a separate part of the place, while the rest of us just continued to party and dance at the main spot. It was a good night 🙂

Day 10 –

A sad day leaving Mykonos and hopping on the ferry back to Athens. Once we arrived back at the same hotel from the first night we all relaxed as most of us needed it after the time we had. Which brought us to our final dinner with everyone, saying their goodbyes as some of us had to leave early in the morning and others staying an extra night etc.

Day 11 – 

Home time 😦


If you’re interested in finding out more or booking your own trip CLICK HERE <– DO IT! You will not regret it! 

I will also add, all accommodation, ferry rides, breakfasts, and some lunches/drinks if mentioned are all included in your total booking price. The only extra’s are like the day trips that are planned out as an option by the tour guide, they’re not compulsory but they’re so much fun and worth every penny!

More photos from my trip through out:

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