Weekend away – High Tatra, Slovakia.

Date stayed : 26th Nov-29th Nov

We road tripped from Hungary to the High Tatras mountains in Slovakia early hours of the morning, which roughly took 5hours. Arriving to our cabin around midday just in time for check in. I was still suffering a fever, due to never experiencing this type of cold weather before, but the receptionist was super helpful & gave me some tea and lemon to cut up with some pain killers which were equivalent to paracetamol in Australia, which basically saved my life! This place was 10/10 in my eyes not only for the beautiful location, cozy rooms and yummy all you can eat buffet like breakfasts but the people who worked their really made our stay, and were so accommodating in helping us order food for dinner, or recommending which places we had to check out as well as making sure I was feeling better.

Slovakia’s High Tatra’s mountains are truly a Winter wonderland with the most majestic peaks touching the sky, with beautiful mountains and lakes everywhere. When we arrived on the first day we could only just see the snow at the peak of the mountains as we were driving up. It wasn’t until the morning we were suppose to be going back home, we woke up to snow everywhere, I was too excited to even put pants on before rushing outside to play with it and snap a million photos as you do when its the first time seeing snow and playing with it. So of course we had to book another night around the area so we could enjoy it.

Second place being at a little cute hotel called Koliba Kamzik which we found online last minute, not actually knowing until we arrived that they were renovating and decorating the place for Christmas and had thought they had set there site so it wouldn’t take any bookings for this night. We had already paid and booked not realizing this, so they let us stay and we were the only guests. Our first room was really nice but we came to realize there was no wifi, and all we wanted to do was cook food and watch snowy movies all night, long story short we ended up getting our room upgraded to a better place where it worked because the lady didn’t know how to fix it.. WINNING! 😉

All in all this is one of my favourite places I have ever been though, and I 100% recommend anybody going, no need to even think about it twice, just do it!!



strbske pleso lake;

Lomnicky stit;

More photos around the area;



4 thoughts on “Weekend away – High Tatra, Slovakia.

  1. I have only been to the Low Tatras, even those were impressive. A bit sad that we didn’t go to the High Tatras while living in Bratislava, but will probably try to go there one day. It seems to be a place with some amazing sights. 🙂


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