Bluff Knoll Hike – Western Australia

Start – End of Bluff Knoll Rd
Length – 6.29km
Vertical Climb – 729m
Time – 2-5 hours
Entry Fee – $12 per vehicle

Bluff Knoll is the highest peak in the Stirling Ranges located in the South West of Australia. It is a popular destination for hikers and outdoor enthusiasts as it’s recognized for having a challenging hike with spectacular views. Along the trail you will see a wide range of plants (including some endemic to the region), animals and the amazing scenic views of course.

If you have an average fitness level you’ll be more than capable of this hike however, don’t underestimate the trail or the conditions though as the weather can be unpredictable therefore, bring a jumper for the summit which can be freezing. Good hiking shoes are a must as there is a lot of steep steps and rock trails that can be uncomfortable on your feet. Plenty of water and snacks are helpful while completing the hike.

Give yourself plenty of time as it can take anywhere from 2-5hours depending how many breaks you have or how often you stop to take photos. My friend and I started the hike at 6am around daybreak which was perfect as we didn’t get the heat from the sun on the way up to the summit due to the fact the sun in this region rises from the opposite side of the mountain. Definitely a worthwhile experience if you have the opportunity especially for the satisfaction of having  hiked to the summit of the highest peak in the South West! 😉



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